Cecilia Caballero lives in Southern California and has done so for most of her life. She has also lived in Japan, Washington D.C, Missouri, North Carolina, and Mexico City. She travels the globe to catch eclipses and spends new moons gazing up at the stars. She graduated with a B.A from UCLA an M.A from Pepperdine University. Ms. Caballero is a California certified teacher and has taught 18 years in Southern California schools. She is a NASA certified instructor on lunar rocks and meteorites. Her favorite subject to teach is astronomy. She has been a university professor for 5 years. Her first book, "Lavender Little Girl," raised to the charts to #8 on Amazon in the girl and women books category. Her second book, "Little Blue Guitar" also has a Spanish version, "La Guitarrita Azul" and it is written in dedication to her father Salvador Caballero who told her this tale when she was a little girl. Her upcoming books are, "The Potty Quest" and a five-book series titled "Rouge: Dragon Tales".
Ms. Caballero is published by La Belle Lune Publishing House.
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